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obama is the first black president and the worst black president.. aside from his college records never having been released, i don't understand how a nation could even contemplate electing an "ivy league" negro as president. don't we understand that any negro gets into college not because he is smart but because of programs like "affirmative action" - don't we realize that abilities of nigs are marketed to society much like abilities of the members of the vagina-gender? example: vaginas are marketed as "strong women," yet a competition-worthy bodybuilder named justine dohring can only curl 110 pounds with a barbell. that's with TWO arms, and "that don't impress me much" - that's like curling a 55-pounder with one arm. and this womb calls herself a bodybuilder. nice body you've built. you're so overcompensated for, just like the nigs. nigs and vaginas are overcompensated for in today's society, this is why one should be wary of their abilities.
dear sir or vagina:

taking a break from authoring my website of (homo)sexual assault, www.godhatespride.com, i was online one day and reading of how football may become a thing of the past, due to all of the head-trauma and resulting lawsuits. a day or so later, i saw how so many negroes in rap and pop music are into the occult. now, it's true that many whites also worship satan, but if there are just as many negro satan-worshippers as there are caucasian satan-worshippers, and there are far less negroes than caucasians in existence, then it is apparent that negroes are more susceptible/gullible to fall for satan-worship. therefore, the black race is the race that is more evil. this should be justified by one taking a look at the over-representation of blacks in church - er, not church. jail. take one look at the over-representation of blacks in jail, and try to tell anyone that blacks should NOT be regarded as bad people.

i have come to the conclusion that if one wants to lessen the amount of head-injuries in the nfl then one should keep negroes out of the nfl. negroes are evil people, and their spite for the race that is represented less in jailhouses, well, it mirrors 1) the spite that the little gender has for the big gender, 2) the spite that gay "men" have for men with their heads on straight enough not to look at other members of their own gender with a sense of dumbfounded curiosity, 3) the spite that lucifer had for god before being kicked out of heaven.

negroes are evil people because their spite mirrors the spite of feminists, of gays, of satan. negroes' inbred hatred of mankind is likely the violent rage that overtakes them on the field and delivers so many cases of head-trauma. didn't the negro "beyonce" say that a spirit overtakes her body when she's performing? football-games are also performances, who's to say that satan doesn't do football? who's to say that negro-athletes are better people than negroes in the music business?

getting negroes out of the nfl will save lives, it will save money from being spent on lawsuits, and it will save the game of football from the threat of being eliminated. get negroes out of the nfl NOW. send them back to africa as the ultimate reparation for slavery, because if blacks want a facade of slavery-never-happening then their free ride to america should be the first thing that "never happened".

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna